Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Startup Configuration

Windows may start up quickly, but then these programs that run on startup intensifies the load and slows the system to a drag. Find out how to prevent programs from starting up automatically at boot time

When Booting Means Waiting

Windows XP does start up pretty quickly, but the startup programs that it launches lengthens the time to get your system up and running. If only there's a way to disable those pesky startup programs from opening automatically.

Thankfully, Windows XP includes a small utility, called the System Configuration Utility, that allows you to customize, on some levels, which programs should launch at startup.

To start the System Configuration Utility:
  1. Go to Start, then Run.
  2. Type msconfig and press Enter

The System Configuration Utility will appear on your screen. Select the Startup tab, because that's the tab that controls Startup behaviour. Here, you can tweak which programs should start automatically when Windows starts, and which should not. Of course, you have to select the programs you don't really need, or rarely used. If you feel that you don't really use the program, then go ahead and uncheck it. This operation is completely reversible. System Configuration Utility runs even on Safe Mode, by the way.

Of course, there are many utilities that allows you to configure your startup to a more precise level, but at least you know that this utility is included with Windows.

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